We have an extensive collection of authentic vintage textiles that can purchased by the meter for your own projects or for which you can commission us to make products for you. Because the fabrics are truly vintage, the stock of any fabric will be time limited and in varying lengths. What we offer that others do not, is large quantities of fabrics often in their original bolt untouched since production but in remarkably good condition. In addition, we have smaller amounts of fabric for small projects. We will recommend to you exactly what any fabric might be used for, its provenance if we have it, and its content.

The fabrics are curated by Richard who sources them from Europe and the USA looking for the best quality in design and condition. We then catalogue them in terms of their design, often geometric and floral representing the styles of the 50’s , 60’s and 70’s. Camilla then makes suggestions as to what the fabrics might be best used for, i.e. curtains and blinds, cushions, lampshades etc. Most of the fabrics are ideal for soft furnishings but we do have a number which can be used for dress making. We are passionate about seeing these wonderful fabrics transformed into products you can live with and enjoy in your homes. Many of the designs sit well against contemporary styles as well as a mid century look.