OUR Story

Forgotten Fabrics was born out of our love of design especially mid century textiles. A family venture bringing together our talents in sourcing, design, fashion & branding. Originally founded by myself and my daughter Holly, the team has now grown as Camilla joined us, bringing her super seamstress skills and authentic Scandinavian roots to the company.

We specialise in sourcing unusual and rare original textiles from the 50's, 60's and 70's from the U.K., U.S.A, and Scandinavia. The 50's to 70's  was a highly influential time for interior design that lives with us today both within Mid-century settings and the contemporary home.  Mid-century furniture, pottery and textiles stands the tests of time and its influence can be seen whenever you turn the pages of an interior design magazine.  The clean lines of Scandinavian design can be seen extensively in U.K and European stores.  

Having started as collectors and exhibitors at some key Mid-century shows, we want to share our passion with a wider audience by offering a range of services.  This includes helping you decide on how to turn our lovely unique fabrics into furnishings for the home.  We can help you to transform our fabrics into blinds, curtains, lampshades, cushions and day beds. Or anything your heart desires!

What do we stock?

We have an extensive collection of authentic vintage textiles that can purchased by the meter for your own projects or you can commission us to make products for you.  Because the fabrics are truly vintage, the stock of any fabric will be limited and in varying lengths.  What we offer that others do not, is large quantities of some of our fabrics in their original bolt.  Often untouched since production but in remarkably good condition.  In addition, we have smaller amounts of fabric for small projects.  We can recommend to you exactly what any fabric might be used for, its provenance if we have it and its content.

Richard, Holly & Camilla